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DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor | Original Gift Set | 12 Woodchip Blends & Botanicals in Glass Tubes | 6 Whiskey Stones | DO YOUR GIN as Seen in GQ, Vogue | Gifts for Men

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DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor | Original Gift Set | 12 Woodchip Blends & Botanicals in Glass Tubes | 6 Whiskey Stones | DO YOUR GIN as Seen in GQ, Vogue | Gifts for Men




DO YOUR WHISKEY is the newest addition to the family of products that started the craze of DIY alcohol infusion kits with DO YOUR GIN. This kit allows anyone to make their own whisky at home starting out with just a simple neutral base alcohol. You will take some basic ingredients and learn how to select flavours that match together and then make a Whiskey exactly the way you like it.

Usually we go to the store and are limited by the options presented to us. DO YOUR WHISKEY makes the options limitless. You can start off with a neutral alcohol and then make a whiskey that tastes exactly the way you want it. You will save a lot of money and it will begin a long journey in alcohol-infusions that will surely grow into an activity that will span into your future as long as you decide to keep drinking.

The kit makes a perfect gift since it has everything you need to get started and even comes in a fancy box. It is the perfect form factor to carry around with you - no matter if you want to wrap it up as a gift or to bring it to a whiskey-making social party!






Do Your Whiskey



Give the Gift of Whiskey-Making

Do Your Whisky is the perfect gift for everyone and anyone who is interested to get started on their adventure in making their own alcohol at home. The kit includes everything you need to get started

Making whiskey at home is an experience

Do Your Whiskey is a multi-day experience. Get started on your first night with exploring the recipe of your creation and then get started on the infusion process. Keep your infuser bottles nearby and give them lots of love for the tastiest whiskey you can imagine.



Whiskey chips, botanicals, whiskey stones and gorgeous glasses



  • 2 empty glass bottles ready for your own branding
  • High quality filters with 6 premium whiskey stones
  • Recipe book to get you inspired and going
  • 2 labels to document and sign your batch
  • 3 premium varieties of whiskey chips made from American Oak and 9 exciting botanicals

A Luxury Gift for the Whiskey Lover in your life

Do Your Whiskey Bottle

Personal Experimentation to Whiskey Parties

Do Your Whisky turns alcohol from a habit into a passion. You will never look at whiskey the same way again. Tune into the details of each flavor of each ingredient. We provide you with 3 different options for infusions of whisky chips, meaning that you will make minimum 3 different recipes with each kit! We also include 9 gorgeous botanicals which will allow anyone to make the whiskey of their dreams right at home.

  • ✅ DO YOUR OWN THING – Trade a cask for the bottle and create authentic whisky flavor with our exclusive woodchip blends. The only extra you need is a bottle of neutral alcohol to infuse as a base. Why not refine a whisky you already have at home?
  • ✅ GET CREATIVE WITH NATURE - Experiment with three types of oak and six herbs & spices to give your mix a truly personal touch. All our botanicals are 100% natural, freshly sourced and come in glass tubes with real corks. Here’s to the environment!
  • ✅ PAMPER YOUR EYES & PALATE - Along with premium ingredients, our kit contains two beautiful glass prep bottles and six whiskey ice cubes made of stainless steel. Give your creation its very own name and personalise it with the enclosed labels!
  • ✅ BECOME A PRO AT THE BAR - From Scotch Single Malt and Irish Blend to good old American Bourbon … a snappy glossary as well as three fantastic basic recipes will give you all you need to excel at your first ever professional whisky tasting!
  • ✅ GIVE THE GIFT OF PURE ENJOYMENT - Our kit is the ideal present for whisky lovers and dabblers of both genders: a spirit(ed) surprise for friends & family. At birthday parties, under the Christmas tree or at a wedding reception: do your own thing – DO YOUR WHISKY Infusion!
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